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Frequently Asked Questions

Changes and Transition

The list of recent changes can be found here.

Registration and Affiliations

Why do I have to register?

While the platform is intended to be as free as possible to users it is also vulnerable to abuse and spammers. On a project and job opportunity platform anonymity is not an option, but a matter of trust and accountability. People must be able to identify you and trust your identity and affiliations when you have an opportunity to offer and when you apply for an opportunity. Hence, most features are only accessible to registered users and only those affiliated with partner organizations will have all the features accessible to them.

Why should I affiliate myself with an organization?

While anybody can have access and create an account, not all the features are accessible and not everyone can establish an affiliation with a respected organization. We leave it up to the people posting opportunities to make their offer more or less selectively visible. The more selective access to an opportunity is defined, the more selective the applications coming in will be.

Eligibility and Pricing

Who is eligible for a user account?

Anyone can register a free user account. The accessible features however depend on the affiliations of the user with particular organizations.

What organizations are eligible to join?

At this point any organization is eligible to join. The accessible features however depend on the particular contract and pricing plan SiROP has with these organizations. New organizations can be readily created by users but must be confirmed by SiROP.

Why is SiROP free for users?

SiROP access is based on your verifiable affiliation with particular organizations and the contract and pricing plan SiROP has with these organizations.

Why is SiROP free of spam and advertisement?

SiROP is strongly opposed to spam and blanket advertisement. The only form of advertisement you will encounter in the foreseeable future is related to opportunities they may be of interest to you and related news.

Using Features

Step-by-step explanations for the use of particular features can be found here.

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